Sikligar Sikhs Housing Projects

The Sikligar Sikh communities, comprised of Vanjare, Nanka panthi, Kabeer Panthi and others, are all struggling to make ends meet. They live on the outskirts of cities and rural areas hidden away from the mainstream due to their impoverishment. SAF International has stepped up to start rebuilding not just their lives but their actual homes as well. The first Sikligar Housing Project, co-funded by the Khalsa Credit Union Bank from Surrey, Canada, is anticipated to begin late 2021 and will consist of 11 houses being built for a Sikligar Sikhs community on the outskirts of Hyderabad near Miryalguda in India. 

Their houses are made of mud and hay, mostly in dilapidated conditions and often lacking the basic necessities of life. There are an estimated 10 million Sikligars in India; therefore, this is a small yet humble beginning and we hope to bring more awareness to their struggles, as well as aid them in overcoming poverty.

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