Involve Your Gurdwara Sahib

When a Gurdwara Sahib joins SAF International on the mission to help underprivileged communities in South Asia, the impact is immense. They amplify our voice and help us achieve so much more than we could have alone. Across all projects big and small, Gurdwara Sahibs have strengthened our efforts and unlocked a world of possibilities. 

Here’s how your Gurdwara Sahib can get involved and make a difference.

1. Partner with a Specific Community 

When a Gurdwara focuses its energy into giving, visiting, and supporting a specific community, it gives that community a platform and a voice to speak directly to the sangat. This helps to raise awareness of the hardships the community face, and it educates the sangat on the work of SAF International. 

When you Gurdware shines a light on social injustice and the people that are working to help these communities, it inspires more people to take a stand against the inequalities that the people of Punjab face on a daily basis. 

2. Sponsor Children 

The Gurdwara Sahib can present the opportunity to sponsor children at any gathering – whether it is a weekend smagam or having a SAF International member speak to the congregation live. It may also be set up on your website to encourage people to sponsor a child. By placing the focus on child sponsorships from a specific community, your Gurdwara Sahib can form a long-term asset as it presents the values of the Gurdwara Sahib and what it stands for, not just locally, but also abroad. 

3. Send Short-Term Mission Teams 

Mission trips aim to uplift those in need around the world by addressing central problems affecting a specific community. For instance, SAF international seeks to help the youth of Punjab, the elderly and those living in poverty by providing essential resources. You too can join us on this mission. Depending on what the Gurdwara Sahib would like to focus on, the volunteers can choose to help build houses, visit their sponsored child, help ease access to water facilities and sanitation,  and build schools. 

In doing so, you will enhance the lives of a marginalized community while also feeling deeply grateful and connected to Sikhism and the principles our Gurus have emphasized. This experience also allows an opportunity for self-exploration and has the ability to create a long-term positive change within a disadvantaged community. As a volunteer on a short-term mission, you will know that your time, energy and passion is making a noticeable difference.  

“With every successful step we take towards change, we hope you’ll walk alongside us and join us in celebration!

– Shamandeep Singh

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