SAF saves a family from becoming homeless

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Amarjit Singh, a poor Sikh from Guru KiNagri (Amritsar Sahib) lives with his 3 sons and a daughter in a 28gaj house. In 2003, Amarjit Singh borrowed 220,000RS from the bank to buy a small house for his family.
None of AmarjitSinghs children are married.Satnaam Singh is 39 years old; he is the oldest son whoworks with Amarjeet.Satnaam Singh, the son said that time went by so fast that he didn’t even realise or ever thought about getting married. He spent most of his life trying to pay off the mortgage.Satnam Singh said“we barely make ends meet; I couldn’t have made another person fall into this poverty with me and the family”. Their sister, CharnpreetKaur is also not married. Amarjit Singh said “no one wants to marry her because of the state of conditions we live in, the deep poverty we are stuck in” and starts crying.

Amarjit Singh is a hard working, honest man who tries very hard to provide for his family. He and his son sell small household items on a cart. They usually set up their cart on the side of a busy road. He barely makes 5000RS per month, with which he has to buy groceries, pay off electric bill and other unexpected medical expenses. He has been trying to pay off the loan for over twelve years now but in vain. He hardly makes about Rs5000 per month, which is merely enough to buy groceries and pay off electric and other expenses, let alone the mortgage.

After twelve years of paying off the bank payments and missing a lot of the payments, they have only been able to pay off 45,500RS of the principal. When our members assessed this family, we found that they were mentally tired and depressed for trying to pay off the mortgage. With the support of the Sangat, Sikhi Awareness Foundation paid off the entire loan(1.79Lakh) that was left on the house.Now the family is debt free, there is no burden on the father or the children. Finally Amarjit Singh can get his son & daughter married off and his son can no longer feel guilty by this marriage. Surviving can be a challenge when living in such stressful and poverty filled conditions.

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