School Capital Project: Shaheed Bhai Mewa Singh, Lopoke

This project is our attempt to improve the learning environments for School Children in rural communities. This cause means a lot to the team at SAF International because we know that a comfortable and safe learning environment eliminates barriers to learning and actively improves the learning experience. 

Our pilot project kicked off in Lopoke, Punjab, which is the ancestral village of Shaheed Bhai Mewa Singh. This school was built in his name and serves as a reminder of his sacrifice and legacy for the next generation of Sikhs.  Learn more about Shaheed Bhai Mewa Singh

Modern Tech and Environmentally Friendly 

Our budget for this build was $75,000 and that allowed us to build 6 fully furnished classrooms with school supplies for staff and students. In addition to that, it has been built to be a “green” school meaning that it is environmentally friendly with rainwater harvesting and access to renewable energy via solar-powered structures. We have also attached a community garden with gardening training for the next 5 years for all children who attend the school.

Visit the School and Teach

If you’re interested in visiting the school and helping the staff educate the next generation of Sikhs, you can do so by applying to our volunteer abroad program. If you meet the minimum requirements, a member of staff will be in touch.