Volunteering with SAF International

If you’re looking for something extra to add to your resume or want a rewarding and challenging experience, we’d recommend becoming a volunteer with SAF. We’re passionate about delivering support to those that need it most, and we’re always seeking like minded individuals to help us enhance our outreach efforts.

Volunteer Abroad

Whether its helping to develop rural communities or being an English tutor to adorable young children, we offer a range of opportunities for you to get involved in. These rewarding and enriching experiences create memories that last a lifetime for both you and the people you help.

We accept applications throughout the year and review each application carefully so that we can find a project that best suits your  experience and professional qualifications.

Submit an Application to Volunteer Abroad

Volunteer Locally

If you’re eager to help out a littler closer to home, we offer volunteering opportunities in Canada throughout the year. Whether its working with us in the office, or lending a hand at one of our fundraising galas, there’s always something that you can do to help out.

Volunteering is its own reward, but having that experience on your resume can boost your career and academic prospects too. For example, One of our Surrey based volunteers, Govind Deol, was awarded a scholarship valued at $100,000 thanks in part to his commitment to selfless service within his community.

Volunteering has made an incredible difference to Govind’s life and to the lives of others. If you’d like to follow in Govind’s footsteps, submit your application today!

Submit an Application to Volunteer Locally