Bhinder Kaur: A resilient bhenji of Panjab.

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Bhenji Bhinder Kaur tied the knot at a young age with grand aspirations for a wonderful life. However, her spouse’s indulgence in alcohol and hard drugs took a toll, and he spiraled into addiction. He began mistreating Bhinder Kaur and squandering his earnings to feed his habits.

Eventually, Bhinder Kaur took the courageous step of leaving the abusive relationship, which was something she never thought she would have to do. When her son was only a few years old, she relocated to her parents’ home.

Bhinder Kaur with her son Bir Devinder Singh in their new shop

In 2017, SAF International discovered Bhenji and began providing educational assistance to her five-year-old son, Veer Devinder Singh. Since then, she has been able to breathe a sigh of relief regarding her child’s future, thanks to the support provided by SAF. However, she relied on her father for food and other essentials of life. Due to health issues, Bhinder Kaur couldn’t perform strenuous labor, and she had to work part-time as a cleaner in someone else’s home.

In late 2022, Bhinder Kaur’s father passed away, leaving her in a state of sadness and stress about her future, which was unforeseeable. With no one else to turn to for assistance in filling her flour boxes with wheat, she contacted SAF International for help.

It’s heartwarming to hear how SAF International was able to support Bhenji Bhinder Kaur during her difficult times and help her establish a small business to become self-sufficient. It’s crucial to empower and support individuals who are facing challenging circumstances and provide them with the necessary resources to improve their lives.

The new shop built by SAF International

By providing education aid for her son and helping her start her own business, SAF International has positively impacted Bhenji Bhinder Kaur’s life and has given her the tools to support herself and her family.

It’s important to recognize and acknowledge the work done by organizations like SAF International, which play a vital role in serving the less fortunate and promoting the message of compassion and love, as exemplified by Baba Nanak ji. Their efforts help create a better world for everyone, one individual at a time.

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