80 year old Grandma taking care of orphaned grandchildren

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Mehakpreet and her brother, Sahilpreet, both live in Amritsar with their grandma. Their parents have both passed away, leaving their children under the care of one of the few relatives they have left.
Their grandma is now 80 years old, but as her grandchildren’s sole guardian, she began working again in order to provide for them. She did not have any other sort of income or financial assistance, even at this age, so she started working at a local school, making lunch for the school children. Unfortunately, she only manages to make 1, 200 rupees each month, which is just not enough to feed, clothe, and take care of her herself or her grandchildren.

Sukhvinder Singh Jethuwal, who had been looking after and continues to look after this family, helped SAF locate them and told us about their financial problems. SAF visited the family, who were living in an old, dilapidated house that had been given to the children’s grandmother by her brother.

SAF sponsored both children under our “Educate A Child” Program and rebuilt their home, adding a washroom with a proper toilet. Both children were very grateful to SAF for helping their grandma and continue to do well in school, hoping one day to be able to help other people in the same way.

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