Ending child marriage and providing tools for education to a young lady from Gujarat

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(June 17, 2017) GUJARAT: Poonam Kaur lives in extreme poverty with her mother, sister and 7 other people in a single room house in urban Gujarat. Despite her atrocious living conditions, Poonam has shown continued resilience and strength by becoming the only child of 30 families in the Sikligar Basti to graduate from grade 12. Most children of the Basti do not receive any form of education especially girls who are married off at the young age of 14. However since Poonam was born blind in one eye she was considered unmarriageable by her mother, who in hopes to find her spouse allowed her to finish her education.
After her graduation, Poonam’s mother was very proud of her daughter, unfortunately, she was still desperately trying to marry her off. Losing Poonam would be a huge loss to the community because in many ways Poonam has become a motivational role model for the kids of the Basti.

After three days of conversation with Poonam’s mother SAF Staff were able to convince her to let Poonam attend College so she can complete her Bachelor in Education. We then hope to employ Poonam at our Tuition (Tutoring) Center at the Sikligar Basti where she can continue to be a role model for the kids at the Basti and help them reach their full potential. Through the support and generosity of donors like you, we hope to fund Poonam’s college education so that she can continue making a difference in the lives of children at the Basti.

Education for Girls is the most powerful way to stop child marriage

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