Poverty Relief

Poverty Relief

SAF International provides basic needs support to the very destitute that cannot afford basic necessities of life. Basic needs are provided on a case-by-case basis which is assessed by the SAF International Field Team. The basic needs support provided include the following:

1. House Rebuild and Repair

Many poor families living in Poverty in India and Punjab cannot afford a structurally sound home with basic utilities. In fact, many of the poor cannot even afford to have a toilet in their home. This makes open defecation a major problem in India. This leads diseases from fecal contamination. Even more, concerning is that having to defecate outside leaves many women vulnerable to sexual assault.

The House Rebuild and Repair program aims to aid these families by creating a safe and functional home environment. The mission of this program is to give people in extreme poverty a safe and secure home that provides stability and allows them to live in dignity.

Once a family has been approved for our HRR program our first priority is to make sure the home is structurally sound. We evaluate each home and make the decision whether to to repair or rebuild.

2. Water and Sanitation

According to World Bank Group, only 21% of the poor india have access to washrooms and only 6% have running tap water. Lack of access to clean water creates many health risks. FOr families in need SAF International provides families with water filtration systems so they can have access to clean water, to both drink and perform basic household tasks.

If you would like to like to buy a filtration system for a family in need click here.

3. Monthly Food Aid

Many seniors live in poverty and lack familial support. While others are unable to work due to health reasons. The Monthly Aid Program provides a food basket for those in extreme poverty. The mission of this program is to give vulnerable people healthy food to protect them against undernourishment.