Smarter India

Smarter India

SAF International believes in providing children the best quality of education. Consequently, SAF will begin offering smart classes in rural government primary schools within Punjab, which will include providing a tablet computer, projector, and teacher training. The training will train teachers how to operate the computer and upload new content for syllabus. This training will allow teachers to independently operate the computer.

Currently, public schools in India suffer from inadequate resources which means disadvantaged children receive relatively inferior education compared to their counterparts in private schools. This simple investment will help improve the education quality in government primary schools. Implementing technological resources can help improve student engagement and interest in school.

Accessibility to computers will allow children to receive a well-rounded education and gain additional skills to become better prepared for post-secondary education and future employment. Furthermore, this is also an opportunity for SAF to provide supplementary learning material to provide children with a more holistic education and knowledge.

SAF International will collaborate with Datawind to provide these technological resources for Punjab teachers. Datawind has already partnered with NGOs to provide its technology to disadvantaged children in Africa, Asia, and the United States. In Punjab, Datawind has also successfully implemented their technology in classrooms. SAF International will help this technology reach neglected rural communities.

This initiative may also help SAF build relationships with teachers to better understand how we can help improve educational quality for marginalized children. Overall, this project should benefit both current students and future school children for many years.