Bloom Literacy Program

Bloom Literacy Program

Many children from poor households do not have access to quality education. In fact, they may not even been enrolled in school. The Bloom Literacy Program enrolls children in a relatively low cost private school and provides financial support until the child completes grade 12. The program mission is to have children complete a minimum of grade 12 to improve their career opportunities and permanently improve their family’s socioeconomic position.

The general public can then sign up to be a child sponsor for 35 per month. The complete financial support received the sponsored child and his/her family includes:

  1. 100% of school fees and related educational expenses (e.g. textbooks, uniforms, school supplies)

  2. Transportation cost to and from school

  3. Modest medical coverage for the child and his/her immediate family

This program not only provides the tangible benefits of improved literacy and employment opportunities but also intangible benefits. The intangible benefits include greater ability to more general knowledge, manage household affairs and finances, more general knowledge, and critical thinking skills.

Furthermore, providing young girls, otherwise destined to be illiterate, a quality education can help them be more confident and less dependent on men.