Resilient Surinder Kaur of Punjab

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Residing in a small, dilapidated home in Ludhiana(Punjab), Surinder Kaur has tried her best to make the most of what she has. While the expectation for her husband would be to help provide for their young family, it is rather the opposite. Her husband, a chronic drug addict, regularly pawns off anything of value to the family to support his addiction, even succumbing to stealing money from them. However, Surinder Kaur has remained resilient, enduring many years of both physical and emotional abuse from her husband, as she continues to raise her four boys, one of which suffers from polio (Infantile Paralysis) and another who like his father has also begun abusing drugs. Unable to work Surinder Kaur relies solely on the income of her second eldest son, who earns just 170$ CAD per a month working at a juice factory. This income is simply not enough to cover basic living costs and school fees. Thus their home remains in abysmal condition. Unable to afford Proper repairs, they are forced to resort to using makeshift solutions like using old posters stitched together as a front door, or using the washroom to keep and clean dishes since their kitchen is not operational.

Although SAF International does deals with many ailing families like Surinder Kaur’s, each family must be provided with strategic care, which has been catered to them and their predicament. Surinder Kaur’s family is in desperate need of money, and our Monthly-Pension-Plan would ease their burden, however, her husband would steal any money sent to them. So instead Surinder Kaur’s family has been placed on the Monthly-Food-Aid Program whereby meals are provided by SAF for the family. This allows the family to better allocate their funds however they see fit. Having the privilege to budget is empowering for families like Surinder Kaur’s, as they can now focus on repairing their home and working towards a better future, on their own accord. SAF International is working closely with Surinder Kaur and her family to provide them with further support, as they need, regardless of whether it be medical, monetary or emotional. Endeavours like the Monthly-Food-Aid Program and many others would not be possible without the charitable support of people like you. Together we can make a difference.

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