Message from SAF founder and CEO

Born and raised in Punjab, I grew up hearing stories of great Sikh men and women that had selflessly served and sacrificed for others. These stories ignited my passion to follow the path created by my ancestors. The problems in my homeland such as drug addiction, poverty, and abuse of girls and women only strengthened my desire to make a difference. Admittedly, creating my own journey to make a difference has been an overwhelming and humbling experience.

After much contemplation, with Waheguru Ji’s Kirpa, me and my friends started small programs in my family village to work with youth and inspire them to learn and grow. This simple initiative received a great response and was very successful. Children were getting a sense of identity and families that were suffering and forgotten were receiving support. This is when I decided this work must be expanded throughout Punjab.

With Waheguru’s blessings, SAF was created in 2014. Thanks to the support of our generous donors, we have helped connect children to Sikhi, provide security to struggling families, and provide education to countless children. It has been especially heartwarming to see both people born in India and in Canada coming together to help their people in their motherland.

This has been a very difficult but rewarding journey, and I will serve for as long as Waheguru will allow it. For Waheguru, I am the slave of your slaves (SGGS pg. 1168).

Shamandeep Singh

Board of Directors

Balraj S. Kahlon, President

Balraj has an B.A. (honors) in Economics and a Masters of Public Policy (MPP) both from Simon Fraser University. He has extensive professional experience conducting policy research and analysis for various government departments on issues ranging from economic development, the labour market, and healthcare. Currently, Balraj works as a policy professional in the BC Public Service.

Location: Vancouver BC, Canada

Kawaljeet S. Mangat, Treasurer

Kawaljeet completed a BBA in Accounting from Kwantlen Polytechnic University in 2013. Since 2009 He has been working as an Intermediate Accountant for Seaspan Shipping Management Ltd. Kawaljeet has been with SAF since its founding and has helped carry forward the noble work of Sikhi Awareness Foundation.

Location: Surrey BC, Canada

Arshdeep Singh, Secretary

Arsheep has a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering from the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT). He currently works as an Electric Designer for BC Hydro. Arshdeep also volunteers to teach Punjabi and is involved in various charitable initiatives in the local community.

Location: Abbotsford BC, Canada

Manvir S. Purewal, Director

Manvir is a Physiotherapist and owner of Pure Life Physiotherapy and Health Centre, and a health advisor to athletes and physicians. Manvir also writes columns concerning health issues for the Surrey Leader paper.

Location: Surrey BC, Canada

India Team

Working for SAF’s India team is a dream come true where promises are kept and dreams come to life. We are blessed to have this as a job where we are also making an impact on others lives. There are many daily obstacles and challenges faced by us but with Guru Saihib’s kirpa, those challenges feel smaller than what we go through in cases that we survey.

We hope the sangat can join us and let us continue this beautiful journey into helping thousand’s of underprivileged children and families across India.

Left to Right Amar Singh(Field Officer), Prabhjit Singh (Majha – Field Officer),  Amarjit Singh (Resource Coordinator), Jaspreet Kaur (Office Administrator), Manpreet Kaur (Receptionist), Harjinder Singh (National Project Coordinator),  Jatinderpal Singh (Office Manager)