Our Vision


An economy and society that works for all.

Mission Statement:

SAF International’s mission is to put underprivileged people on a path of social mobility. Our services are meant to provide the marginalized with stability and the resources necessary for success and prosperity.


Selfless service; Integrity; Humility; Effectiveness

Five-Point Platform:


Quality education for children. Where all children can grow to be literate, knowledgeable, and capable.


People should have housing that is suitable for human beings. This includes access to basic sanitation such as a toilet and clean water.


Address causes of problems to bring a fundamental change, and not simply treat symptoms.


People should be given an opportunity to be self-supporting and reach their full potential.


The social position of women must be equal to men. Young girls and women should receive knowledge and necessary support, so they are not dependent and victimized.

The five-point platform is the fundamental principles of SAF International. This platform is the basis of SAF International’s existence and gives direction to the SAF team.