Our Story

Who We Are:

Sikhi Awareness Foundation (SAF) began as a Facebook page to raise awareness about the social and economic problems facing many people in Punjab India. This page helped a group of friends raise modest sums of money to fund activities to help struggling families in rural Punjab. Thanks to the support from everyday Canadians and the determination of its founders this simple initiative developed into a Canadian based international NGO.

SAF was officially established in 2014 and now goes by the name SAF International. SAF International follows the Sikh principle of selfless service to humanity in its work for development and social change.For development simply treating symptoms does not bring a fundamental change and short-term plans do not benefit the next generation. For this reason, SAF International believes in dealing with root causes and taking a long-term approach to development. This approach is challenging and results are at a modest pace; however, it better assures change is effective and long lasting. SAF International also believes it is necessary to work collaboratively to maximize reach and effectiveness. This is why we are always looking to build partnerships with like-minded NGOs, academia, civil service, and the private sector.

SAF International’s first major initiative was its child education sponsorship initiative, the Bloom Literacy Program. In addition to this SAF continues to learn how to better provide stability and support social mobility for the disadvantaged. Please note that SAF International’s work for poverty alleviation and development is inclusive of all people regardless of race, religion, or caste.

There is a large and successful Indian diaspora living in the west. Many of which lament the hardships and struggles of people in their motherland. SAF International is creating and walking a path to support the marginalized in their motherland.

We hope you will walk with us.