SAF International is always seeking like minded individuals and organizations to join and/or partner to improve the organization and enhance our program services and reach. Volunteer opportunities with SAF can include the following:

  1. Develop and implement fundraising campaigns.

  2. Help raise awareness about the hardships of the people we serve and our activities to support them.

  3. Support the administration of the organization in the head office.

Make a difference, Volunteer Today!

Volunteer Abroad Program

For people interested in getting an international experience SAF International also provides opportunities to volunteer abroad. This includes the following:

At SAF International we do most our work across the sea in India and we are always looking for Volunteers to send abroad. Whether it be jumping right in and developing communities in Gujarat, or speaking with children across Punjab; we have various projects that volunteers can get involved with! And you’re more than welcome to choose whichever you prefer. However, we review volunteers applications based on each applicant’s experience and professional qualifications. Based off these we create a mission which best fits the applicant

  1. Community Development Project

    • Spend a day as an english tutor to help develop children’s english reading, writing, and speaking skills.

    • Help construct and repair homes

  2. Motivational Speaking

    • Are you a skilled speaker? Do you have knowledge to share? Do you work in the social and family services sector?

Many of the families, single mothers, and children we serve are in vulnerable situations and have experienced great hardship. These people do not have access to the public funded social services that are available in the west. Words of support, encouragement, and guidance can go along way in their lives. People who would like to provide these individuals with moral support are welcome to meet with the children and families we serve.

Gain an amazing experience while volunteering abroad. Email us for more details: info@safinternational.org