Are you registered charity in Canada

Yes, We are a registered charity.

When was Sikhi Awareness Foundation started?

We officially registered our name on March 17th, 2014.

Do you have multiple sponsors for each child?

There is a maximum of 2 sponsors per child. After someone sponsors a child SAF sends an info-pack to the Sponsor.

How many Directors does SAF has?

There are a total of 7 Directors that control SAF.

What’s the main area of work for SAF?

Our focus is humanitarian work in India and will continue to serve South Asia as we expand in the coming years.

Do you help Farmer Suicide families?

Yes! We have done many cases that involve farmer suicide in the family.

Can we suggest a case if we know someone needs help?

Yes you can, Please fill out the information on Contact Us Form.


What is the “Bloom Literacy” Program?

SAF sponsors over 600 children living in poverty to ensure that they receive an education and continue to attend school. This program provides children across India with financial support on a monthly basis.

How does Sponsorship work?

Once you select a child to sponsor with SAF, your monthly donations will go towards paying for the child’s school fees, textbooks, school supplies, uniforms, transportation fees, and any medical expenses they might need covered. Our goal at SAF is to ensure the child has everything they need to attend school and be productive by removing as many obstacles that poverty creates for the child.

What happens once I sponsor a child?

We will send you a welcome kit! Your welcome kit will contain a profile of the child you sponsor and a color photograph of the child as well as information about the sponsored child, their familial circumstances, and their community. Each April, you will also receive updates about your sponsored child and their family. You will also receive a copy of our Sponsorship Newsletter with updated information about our “Bloom Literacy Program”.

How long will my Sponsorship last?

Your Sponsorship will last as long as you would like it to. If you wish to stop sending monthly donations to your child, simply go to our website and stop your payments. Please note, it will take 30 days for this action to take effect due to the time needed for processing.

How many sponsors does each child have?

In most cases, each child has only one sponsor. In special circumstances – ie. high tuition fees – a child may have up to 2 sponsors.

Can I contact my child, once I have sponsored her/him?

Yes, it is possible for the sponsor to send letters or gifts to the child they have sponsored, and children generally send their sponsors thank you cards and letter as well. It is also possible to meet your child face to face if you are planning a trip to India. All of this is done through SAF, however, and not directly, to protect the personal information of the child.

How long does the program provide education for the child?

SAF provides education until grade 12. If the child decides not to proceed ahead with college education, we often try to set them up with local shops/self-employment for work.

How does SAF ensure the privacy of the sponsored children?

Although SAF makes the child’s photo and name available to the sponsor, we withhold other personal information about the child or their family. We also do not disclose the full location and address of the child’s residence.

Can I get a receipt for my Sponsorship?

Yes, we provide Canadian tax receipts once a year for your personal tax purposes. If you are a resident of the USA or the United Kingdom, please contact us and we’ll let you know how we can best assist you.

Are the children required or expected to follow the principles of any specific religion?

No, children enrolled in our “Educate A Child” Program are not required to meet any religious, caste, gender, or any other discriminatory requirement. SAF’s only requirements include that the child attend school and demonstrate financial need.

What happens if my child leaves the program?

Some children will leave the program for a variety of reasons. We have found that in these circumstances, sponsors are happy to transfer their support to a new child who is waiting for sponsorship. Therefore, to keep our administrative costs low, we make the change and send notification along with information on your new sponsored child.